Current projects:



         July 3,2013: Alger County Historical Society, Munising, Michigan


                 "The Big Bowl"



I am truly humbled to have been invited to develop and implement a community collaborative sculpture event in the beautiful town of Munising, Michigan in the Upper Peninsula on the shores of Lake Superior, home of the Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore. This will be a very special project for many reasons. I have strong ties to the town of Munising as my Mother Iris Ninis (Revord) and Father Jack Rumohr both were raised there. Though I was raised in Greendale, Wisconsin , as a child we would take countless trips to Munising over the years to visit grandparents, aunts, uncles , and cousins. There, my brother Jason and I would go fishing with our Grandpa, play with our numerous cousins, and of course, dive into the brisk and refreshing waters of Lake Superior down at  the end of sand point road.Some of my most vivid memories of Munising are tied to the annual 4th of July celebration. Every year, families return to Munising to reunite and celebrate for the days prior to the 4th and after. We would leave exhausted, tired, reconnected, and very very happy....

Another significant element of the project is that the location of the sculpture event is on the grounds of the Alger County Historical Society. At one time, Munising  housed the now world-famous Munising Woodenware Factory where local timber resources were transformed into bowls, rolling, pins, furniture and more by expert artisans. My connection to the event goes deeper here as my great-grandmother Lillian Bijou Revord was a painter of the wooden ware pieces, my grandmother Darlene "Dolly" Revord made wooden clothespins at the factory and my Grandma Lois and Grandpa "Bud" Rumohr lived right down the street from this spot as I was growing up. It is hard to describe how it feels to be creating a piece right there where there is so much history for me personally. Grandma Revord was always supportive of me and my artistic endeavors, sending me books on Michelangelo, small boxes of pastels that she could spare and always accompanied by small notes of encouragement and wise observations. As I type this, there is a bowl sitting on my desk from the Woodenware ( below left) with the initials LR proudly displayed within the painted leaves and vines.I feel so grateful for the opportunity to be working on this project with so many good people.


To learn more about the Munising Woodenware Factory, click here: http://www.munisingwoodenware.com/

In conjunction with the sculpture event and to celebrate theMunising  Woodenware's rich dynamic history, the Alger County Historical Society will be mounting a wonderful exhibition of items from the Woodenware and surrounding time periods

I come from a family of musicians and artists where the constant undercurrent of the creative lifestyle is evident in our lives. My mother Iris is an accomplished musician and visual artist, my brother Jason is an ultra-talented photographer of very high caliber as well as a musician, my father Jack Rumohr, who currently resides in Munising just down the road from where the sculpture will be built,  is also a talented artist in ceramics and wood. Look for Jack at the event and his "Walking Willow" walking sticks. Responsibly harvested from the deep woods of the Upper Peninsula, Jacks' sticks are hand made from Diamond Willow, an uncommon wood that has characteristic " Diamond" knots that flow throughout the wood in a flowing, graceful manner.

 Generous Sponsors:

 Hall Contracting, Inc

  226 W Superior St  Munising, MI 49862

 Munising Yard, U.S. Highway M28 East
 Munising, MI, 49862 906-387-2255
41 Lumber , Munising Yard


June 1st, 2013: Lakeside Elementary School, Oshkosh, Wisconsin. "The Nine Civilities"

I was honored to be asked to work with Lakeside Art Teacher and practicing artist Deb King this past spring to develop a community collaborative sculpture event with the students and staff with their wonderful group of learners.